Example work

 Dainų šventė Lithuanian Song Celebration 2009 rehearsal. Our company provided sound reinforcement service for Dance Day rehearsals, which took places in 5-7 stadiums, in Vilnius. JBL VRX900 and SRX700 sound systems were used to cover stadium area
 ES Lithuania’s integration into the European Union 5 year anniversary in club Luna, Marijampolė. A contest of youth organizations. ES (a Lithuanian abbreviation of the European Union) symbol was made using one meter length LED tube lights.
 LMKL žvaigždžių diena 2009, Utena Lithuanian Women’s Basketball League (LMKL) All Stars Day 2009. The opening of Utenos arena.
 Nissan Lighting at Nissan Qashqai +2 presentation near Akropolis, Vilnius
Lithuanian Women’s Basketball League (LMKL) season closing in Belmontas. Spotlighted pyramid of champagne glasses in the photo.

Marijampolė town’s Days. The winners of the festival ‚Muzika ir Aš‘ organized by Youth club ‚Dimera‘ www.dmr.lt  are in the photo. You can find photos from house music night here: http://www.djscene.lt/gallery?id=1110

PJD MArijampole
World Youth Day celebration at Vilkaviškis diocese youth centre yard. This event had an especialy cosy atmosphare.
Ariogala 2008
‚Su Lietuva Širdy‘ - a meeting of Lithuanian exiles, political prisoners and partisans during the Soviet occupation. Thanks to our engineers more than five thousand participants in the valley of Dubysa near Ariogala were served with a powerful PA system with a delay line.
Statybininko diena

Builder’s Day in Marijampolė is one of our organized events, which according to citizens and press exceeds the biggest Marijampolė’s Days town fest.

Big stage, powerful JBL sound, modern lighting technologies, laser show and amazing fireworks made this show impressive and unforgettable.